The Sapper’s Plot

Sapper's PlotThe last thing Master Sergeant Lauren Harper needs is another difficult mission. Her ordeal in Bosnia left her traumatized and worn out. But a soldier doesn’t get to refuse official orders.

At least this time it’s a humanitarian mission. What could go wrong?

Turns out, just about everything.

Harper and a group of Combat Engineers—also known as Sappers, travel to the jungles of a Honduran village, only to find a horrific murder. Cut off because of hostile weather and treacherous terrain, Harper and a man she hoped she’d never see again, Chief Warrant Officer Four Fletcher Mayes, are forced to take charge of the investigation, a job made difficult by sketchy-looking locals, insolent Sappers and an aggressive TV news team looking for a scandal.

In the midst of it all, the arrival of Sergeant Major Harry Fogg provides some much-needed solace but also muddles Harper’s concentration.

Harper begins to think danger will find her wherever she goes. At times, she feels her slightest movement will send her tumbling over a cliff—and heights are about the only thing Harper fears.

The Sapper’s Plot is the second book in the Master Sergeant Harper mystery series. Read an excerpt here.