Excerpt – Limited Partnerships Part III – Wolf

WOLF-ebook-cover (1)Theresa –

I reapplied some of my makeup, tucked the stray wisps of hair away and reapplied my lipstick. They still felt a bit swollen. I closed my eyes at the memory of his arms around me, the way he’d simply dragged me across the seat, pulled me to him. The power of it, the control he took and the way he held me so tightly against him, had astonished me. His kiss had been commanding, completely engulfing me, leaving me feeling confused and wanting more. Much more.

Had it all been an act? Just part of his job?

I looked around to ensure no one else was in the restroom, then dug my cell phone out of my bag.

She answered on the first ring.

“Beth, it’s Theresa.”

“Theresa. What’s wrong? Is it Wolf?”

I sighed. Where to begin? “Yes. I mean, no. Oh, he’s just so confusing.”

She chuckled. “Do I need to speak with him? What’s he doing?”

“No, it’s nothing like that. Listen, I wanted to ask you. Did you tell him I wanted full service?”

“No. In fact it’s one of the reasons why I sent him to you. He’s not a full service escort. He only does companion service. That’s all he’s willing to do.”

When I didn’t respond after a while she prodded me. “What’s going on, Theresa?”

My heart sped up. I didn’t know if I could get the words out, but I had to try. “Well, I’d like full service this time. Can you arrange it?”

She sucked in a breath. “I don’t know, sweetie. He’s always been adamant that he won’t go there. He’s always refused in the past.”

“Please tell him that’s what I want. I’ll double the fee if I have to.”

The silence on the other end stretched. I didn’t try to fill it. Beth knew I was accustomed to getting what I wanted. If she didn’t provide the service I expected, I’d go elsewhere and I was a good, steady customer. She’d want to make me happy. And I had to have him. That kiss. His arms around me. I didn’t care if it was fake. I wanted more of it. I wanted him.


Wolf –

“Kiss me, Wolf.”

I raised her to me, my hands cupping her head as I claimed her mouth. The softness of her lips, the wet slide of her tongue against mine made me feel desperate, my need to have her almost overwhelming. She’d opened something in me that had been closed off and locked for years. Now the door was broken down, no way to close it again, and I felt as if my control was tethered to the thinnest thread. When she ran her fingers over my chest and tweaked my nipple, running her thumb over it, I moaned and crushed her to me, our tongues dancing, pulling her hair, guiding her to exactly where I wanted her. The barrage of missed sensations felt almost alarming in their power.

The car began to slow as Tony took the exit from the freeway. I broke the kiss and looked down at her, panting. “We’re almost there.”

“Where are we going, Wolf?”

I closed my eyes to slow my breathing, gain some control. The vision of her draped across my lap, her lips swollen, her eyes glassy, the brown skin of her breasts against her golden dress, was incredibly sexy. Looking at her made it difficult for me to talk.

“My home. I knew if I rode with you to your place, you’d never let me leave. My plan was to get out quickly, send you away.”

She hummed. “You had a plan? And you thought I’d leave you if we went to your place? You don’t know me very well.”

I looked out the window, watching the familiar landmarks pass us by. The prospect of her actually being at my place, of showing her my spot, taking her inside seemed impossible, but we were almost there. How could I know that she wouldn’t have rejected me?

“The water helps me to ground myself.” I said staring out the window. I turned back to her and traced her eyebrows with my finger. “That’s what I need right now. I just needed to be here, at my place. Is it okay?”

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