The Bonding Spell

The latest release

The latest release

Hester Trueblood can’t deny having an ancient, Sumerian goddess in her
head has its perks.

She enjoys her new strength and fighting abilities, things that would have
been useful when she was a soldier. And the two handsome men dedicated to
serving and protecting her are a nice bonus too.

On the other hand, there are drawbacks.

Having Inanna’s voice inside her head 24/7 can be annoying, and the constant
threat of demons and monsters is a dangerous nuisance. The bitchy goddess
and the evil hordes are problems Hester can handle, but the adoration of a demigod has Hester off balance.

None of that matters when an old secret threatens to destroy
Hester’s family. To battle the goddess of witchcraft, Hester will need all
of Inanna’s powers along with the help of her devoted soldiers–and even a
love-struck demigod–if she wants to survive.

What readers have said about The Bonding Spell: 

“Truly, I could not put this book down! I highly recommend this story.  It is the perfect combination of supernatural suspense, some spicy romance and a twisting mystery.”  

Amazon reader, Kristin  

“A blending of Iraq war vet meets demigods, goddesses and witches…a delicious read. Like a captivating lover, it will leave you satisfied, but wanting more.”
 – Susanne Aspley, McKnight Award winning author of Ladyboy and the Volunteer.
“M.L. Doyle delivers a captivating, well-paced tale of urban fantasy that will intrigue you and leave you wanting  more … it will keep you entertained from the first chapter to the last.” 
– Amazon reader, Jill
I was totally embroiled in the plot from the very first sentence. … It’s fast paced and racy – all the things that I look for in a fantasy title. The dynamic between Hester and Gil had me spellbound. I just couldn’t put this down. I can’t wait for the next one!”
– Amazon UK reader, Alun