DJ Molles has a new book!

DJ Molles

DJ Molles

I just read something epic. It’s a book I really want to talk about, something I can’t stop thinking about. The problem is, I can’t say too much about it because it hasn’t been published yet. Grrrr!

One of the things I love about being an indie author is the way we share and collaborate with each other. We may not have some big publishing house behind us with an army of editors and marketing people cheering us on, but we have each other. In the few short years I’ve been doing this indie publishing thing, I’ve made some lasting connections with talented authors who are always willing to do what they can to help or advise.

The other day, DJ Molles, the author of the bestselling, The Remaining series, asked me to read his latest book—something completely new, something very few people have read. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I told him, absa-f’ing-lutely.

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll know that I reviewed the first book in the six-book Remaining series and then interviewed Molles about them. The review and his interview, posted around August of 2013, are the posts that still receive more hits than any of my other posts combined.

I’m not the least bit surprised by that. If you’ve read the series, you know every one of his books reach in and grab you and won’t let go. When you finish, you pull your head up, look around and say to the person closest to you, “Have you read this?! Because these books are amazing!”

Then, you do what I did and you google Molles, and you search for anything you can find about the books because you can’t believe what you’ve just read and you want more. Most of all, you want to discuss the experience with someone, ANYone.

The lasting impact of that reading experience is why I reviewed the books in the first place and why I reached out to Molles and asked him for an interview. I was shocked when he said yes, but it’s that indie author thing. We take the help where we can get it and share what we have.

Well let me tell you this, and remember you heard it from me first. Wolves, the latest book by DJ Molles, is as good as his previous series, only times ten. The writing is sharp and surprising. The story is layered and rich. It’s an ambitious, gripping tale but also dark, frightening and violent. Molles likes to show us what humans are capable of doing to each other when pushed to the limit and when he’s serving up the story, we can’t look away.

When we talked about it, Molles told me he wanted the story to stick. I’m telling you, it’s a story that sticks like duct tape and even if you could rip it off, it would leave a tacky residue.

I’ll be posting a review soon, closer to his publication date. Then I’ll post an interview where I’ll grill the author and ask him what the HELL he was thinking when he wrote this amazing journey.

It’s called Wolves, by the way, and trust me. It’s not what you think. Look for it sometime in November, and come back for the review and interview. You’ll want to know what he was thinking when he wrote this thing. I can’t wait to hear it myself.

9 thoughts on “DJ Molles has a new book!

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  2. So excited to learn a new Molles book is coming out (even if it’s still a year out). Thanks for sharing what little you could on Wolves – something to look forward to. Hopefully I can find a few good books to tied me over until then…


    • I hope it’s not a year! Knowing Molles, by the time Wolves is ready for print, he’ll already be well on the way to working on something new. Doesn’t matter what it is. I know I’ll want to read it.


  3. The Remaining series is the best thing put in print that I have came across in my 33 years. Like you say, when you have completed the series the first thing that comes to mind, “I need more!”. When I saw that Wolves was completed and ready for publishing I have tried to find anything I can, what the premise will be, when will it be published, anything. Unfortunately I haven’t had much luck. I have read quite a few books since then but I can’t stop thinking about what experoence Mr. Molles will drag us though next. I have read through the remaining series 3 times since. I bought the series as gifts for my groomsmen just to get my friends to experience the perfection of Capt. Harden. I am addicted.
    Is there any information on when Mr. Moller will present us with Wolves?


  4. Honestly, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, now that he has a publisher, they tend to move painfully slow. I will give him a poke and see if he has any updates. We want to know!!


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