Winter storm survival kit – Don’t forget a good book

New LimitedPartnerships OmnibusAs a native of Minnesota, I know how to get through a snow storm. The main thing is to ensure you have all the supplies you need including food and medication. You don’t want to run out when the roads become impassable.

Next, ensure you’re prepared for a power outage. Fill your bathtub with water, make sure you have plenty of batteries for your lanterns and radio and charge up all of your electronic devices. Don’t forget your ebook readers, and laptops. Icy branches tend to fall on power lines, so you never know if you’ll have lights throughout the blizzard.

Don’t forget to make sure your gas tank is full in case you get stuck on the road and that your car has food, water and plenty of blankets. Getting stuck in the car is the worst place to be so don’t hit the road unless you absolutely have ot.

If you’ve got a generator, make sure it’s full of fuel and that you’ve got a spare can. The best answer for a power outage is to go someplace else where there is power. A neighbor, churchs, fire departments, or schools, are places that may offer shelter. Know where emergency warming shelters are and decide ahead of time where you might go.

In a bad blizzard, going somewhere else may not be possible. Opening the oven door and turning it on is a last resort as is sitting in the car and running the heater. If you do sit in a running car, for pete’s sake open the garage door and ensure there’s fresh air circulating!

The best option might be to gather everyone in the house, build a fort of blankets and pillows and use body heat to ride things out.

For me, getting snowed in means it’s time to curl up with a good book. For that reason, I’m having a blizzard sale and making Limited Partnerships Omnibus at just $2.99, more than fifty percent off! Snuggling up with some steamy romance is the perfect way to warm the heart and ensure you’ll make it through the rough winter weather.

I’m told they’re saying this storm is like a hurricane only with snow and cold. How are you preparing for the coming Snowpocalypse?

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