I’m Baaaaack!

Feeling betterIt’s good to be home from the hospital and even good to be back at my day job. When I knew I would be out of commission for
a while, like most people who write as a passion, I figured sick leave would be a good time for getting some words on paper.

It wasn’t.

In fact, I didn’t write a single word. Not one.

The General’s Ambition had just been released. I had plans to attend the Fort Meade Officer’s Spouses Club Holiday Bazaar. I’d started a free promotion for The Peacekeeper’s Photograph and wanted to do some blog interviews and promotions for the new book. None of that was to be. I simply couldn’t concentrate on any of it.

I discovered that healing takes up a lot of time and energy.

My first day back at my day job was exhausting. The sight of more than 600 emails, a bunch of voicemails and projects that still awaited my attention, sapped my energy. I’m not sure when I’ll have balance again to be able to work a full day, then put some hours in at the keyboard. Eventually, I’ll be able to do that again.

In the meantime, I’ve had a new idea for a series I’m very excited about. I’ve started an outline (yes, I’m going to fully outline this one) and the newness of the idea is giving me the energy to put some time into the work.

Thanks to everyone for your words of support while I was away. It was good to know I’d been missed. I’m back now! Look for some blog interviews, maybe more free promotions for The Master Sergeant Harper Series. I may even post a couple of teasers for the new series one day soon.

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