Alien first contact


I preordered this book and had planned to read it right away when it downloaded, but got caught up in other things. I’ve read much of what Michael Siemsen has written and have enjoyed all of it, so I knew I had something special to look forward to. As soon as the weekend rolled around, I wanted to start reading it, but I had a long list of chores to do and I kept telling myself…no, just wait until you have some time to really sit down and enjoy this.

At one point, after finishing some task, I decided to reward myself with a few minutes with Exigency After that, I didn’t accomplish a single other thing on my list.

I couldn’t put the damn thing down. I finished it today and now, have that withdrawal feeling of…what the heck can I read next?

A crew of exceptionally talented people give up their lives on Earth to explore a planet so far away, they know the mission is for life. When they crash land and are scattered, they don’t know who survived and who didn’t. The groups encounter different intelligent life on the planet, each presenting their own challenges and dangers.

Once again, Michael Siemsen delivers a well-crafted, page-turner that doesn’t stop until it’s done. This one feels as if there is plenty of room for a series and while it didn’t end as a cliffhanger (thank god) there’s much more about these people I want to know.

The challenges of spending years in space flight, the relationships developed amongst the crew, the likes, loves and drama, all felt exactly right. From the language barriers to the misunderstandings and danger, this reads as if meeting an alien species could really happen this way. It makes you wish we’d just do it already.

I really enjoyed this book and will definitely recommend to my friends.

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