The afterglow

Available now for pre-order!

Available now for pre-order!

I quit smoking a couple of decades ago, but every now and then I still have a craving for a cigarette. It’s not so much the taste of nicotine I crave. It’s usually some event or activity that makes me think I’d like to light one up and blow some smoke around. A late Sunday breakfast with the newspaper. A long chat on the phone with a friend. That afterglow feeling you get when something is finished, some major project has been taken to completion. Somehow a cigarette seems appropriate to mark that accomplishment.

After typing The End on the latest project, the afterglow has been long and satisfying. I like this book. And I like the people I’ve created. Harper and Harry, McCallen and Jerreau, Ramsey and Santos. I like them. I used to think of the Harper mysteries as a three book series but it’s obvious Harper will go on from here. A companion short is in the works and I have some ideas for where Harper will go next.

But before I start thinking too much about another project, I’m going to bask in the afterglow for a few more days and weeks.

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