New release! The General’s Ambition

CoverFinalMD-TheGeneralsAmbitionFirst, let me say that this is NOT the cover. I needed to put something together in order to get the pre-order up on Amazon as
quickly as possible. Earthly Charms is hard at work on the real cover and I’ll reveal it here as soon as it’s perfect. In the meantime, there’s this to wet your appetite and help me announce THE GENERAL’S AMBITION is FINALLY READY FOR YOU!!

On Nov. 1, you’ll be able to order the paperback and ebook versions, but for now at least, you can pre-order the ebook on

I’m not sure why it took me so dang long to get this story done. Harper is, by this time, almost a living, breathing being and Harry? Well, I’m in love with Harry, so he’s about as real as real can get. In any case, as vivid as they may be in my head, it still took some major muscle movement to get them on the page. The hard work and the late night hours were all worth it. I’m proud of The General’s Ambition. I hope you’ll like it.

 Here is the synopsis of the third book in the Master Sergeant Harper series:

“All Master Sergeant Lauren Harper has to do is make it through one final press conference and she and Sergeant Major Harry Fogg of the British Special Air Service can finally have the time together they’ve been planning for months. Thirty days of sun and sand and an opportunity to get to know each other … finally.

When Harper is witness to an assassination attempt, her plans are diverted, at least for a while. Harper doesn’t want to get sucked into another dangerous investigation, but she knows all too well, that service in uniform means duty often trumps personal desire. Besides, she can’t shake the idea that there’s more going on and that, if she doesn’t do something, more people will die.”

As usual, I couldn’t have finished this book if it weren’t for the help of my fantastic writing group, Novel Experience, and the help of fantastic beta readers. In fact, the title of this book came from one of my writing group friends, Brian Connors, who, when he shouted out the title, I knew immediately it was finally the right one.

As exciting as it is to be bringing another Harper story to the world, I’m already hard at work on several other projects, including a novella that sends Harper to London for a very special occasion.  Cheers!

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