Depraved – Tales of a Vampire Hunter II a review

I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review but in truth, I would have paid for it anyway.Depraved

In Depraved; Tales of a Vampire Hunter II, we rejoin Oliver and Miranda exactly where the first book left off—with the couple on the run, in love and questioning their newfound abilities. They end up in Mexico, of all places, and run into more trouble as their connection to each other strengthens and they gain more control of their supernatural powers.

I can’t remember the last time I read a book that used Mexico as a backdrop, especially a Mexico that doesn’t feature one of the familiar tourist places one would expect to see. The locations are richly drawn and Vyne uses them perfectly to build the story around Oliver and Miranda’s search to understand each other better by exploring the history and lore of their own vampire and vampire hunter pasts.

One thing I loved about the last book is Vyne’s unique take on the mysticism of this supernatural world. We get even more of that here, with ties to Aztec history, connections with the blood rites of the ancient religion, werewolves and other superstitions. On top of that is the great love story of these two people. Oliver is just yummy and Miranda isn’t a whiney girly girl who has to be saved. They are both capable and likeable and I just like being around them.

I know this is a trilogy and Vyne gives us a tease of the next book at the end, but I want to read it now! When all three books are out, I look forward to reading them again, one right after the other for that long series experience. I hope she’s got her fingers on the keyboard because I can’t wait for more.

If you’ve not read Immoral – Tales of a Vampire Hunter I, you should. And last time I checked, the ebook was on sale for less than a buck!

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