Zombie Apocalypse (Rerun)

Zombie prepI originally created this post just over a year ago. It occurred to me that one should annually check and recheck your preparations to ensure your plans are still up-to-date. It’s that time of year—summer time, a time to relax, to have fun—that we become complacent and forget that disaster could be just around the corner. Considering all the craziness going on in the world, is it too much of a stretch to think all of this isn’t possible?  Besides, Brad Pitt is staring in a movie about it.

Here then, is the original post:

In light of the rising concern about the coming Zombie Apocalypse (I believe it’s time to capitalize the ZA, so those of us in the know can cut to the chase), I’ve had several discussions with people about what one should do. Hunker down? Head to a pre-designated homestead where you can band together with preselected friends and family to battle the ZA together? Head to a remote place, take the high ground and wait it out? Or something else?

And for you skeptics out there, even the CDC prepared a guide to help families assemble their plans  for the ZA, so read up on the lists and preparations your government suggests.

In my own preparations, since I work on a military installation, one suggestion I heard was that I should just head to base. What could be more secure than a federal military reservation stocked with food, fuel, weapons and lots of people who know how to us them? Not to mention being surrounded by dedicated and brave service men and women.

Oh contraire, I am told by others. Get as far away from that military base as possible. The masses will ALSO think a spot behind the secure fence line is just the place to be. The hoards of potential victims of the ZA will flock here, looking for safety. All military reservations will be mobbed. Overrun. The walls will only hold so long and once they fall … well, it’s that slow shuffle walk, decaying flesh and wordless moaning for you. —

Someone put together this map of where seemingly related incidents took place to illustrate the growing evidence that now is the time to plan for the ZA. And here is a Facebook page, dedicated to following the latest Zombie activity. What do you think? Military base, or no military base?

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