This is how I get into trouble

This is how I get into trouble. I start to write, run into a rough spot, then decide I need a break to think about it. Taking that break, I pick up my Kindle. I start to read, and damn it if I don’t find some freakin’ book that sucks me in, whips me around, makes me want to live there, find out what is going to happen, have all my questions answered.

The latest book to suck me in is WOOL, by Hugh Howey. Howey creates a post apocalyptic world confined to the limits of a silo, where life is closely regimented and where questions are capital offenses. I couldn’t put it down. Turns out, he’s just recently sold the movie rights to Ridley Scott. Can’t wait to see the story turned into film.

I downloaded the WOOL Omnibus yesterday and have been reading it ever since. Before I knew it, hours passed and this morning, I’m still faced with the same damn writing rough spot I left hours before.

That’s how I get into trouble.

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