Stop dawdling!

Faced with massive amounts of pages that need rewriting, I’ve spent the entire morning struggling for inspiration. I took several days off, hoping to put a dent in the work I face, but so far I’m feeling totally intimidated with what’s in front of me. So I am left with only one choice. To dawdle.

I sent a few emails, posted stuff to people’s walls, read some blogs, subscribed to some and quickly became bored with all of that. I
even did some book shopping, scrolling through the lists of ebooks on Amazon. I scrolled through the top 100 lists in SciFi, fantasy, mystery, wondering how some of the new writers listed there felt about finding their self published works on the top 100 lists.

It took a few minutes, but eventually I realized those writers couldn’t have found their books on the top 100 list if they hadn’t been
published and a book can’t be published until it’s finished.

So I’ll stop my dawdling and get to work…but first, I had to make a post to this blog : )

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