The Paperback Version

I’ve been bad about keeping current with my postings, but I’m blogging with some great news! I just learned that Shana’s book will be published in paperback! If you’ve been looking for the book on the shelves and haven’t found it, that’s because most of the major book stores have sold out all of their original purchases and only have it available by special order or online. So getting the paperback out there will be great. 

Of course you can still order it on, which continues to have a five star rating and great new reviews. It is available on Kindle and in audio book style. You’ll notice that the paperback cover has the words, “National Best Seller.” Makes me smile.

Here is the cover. According to, the paperback will be available Feb. 2011, but it could come out sooner than that. If I learn anything new, I will post it here.

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