Chatting with a friend

I just spent the last hour and a half chatting with a friend who is deployed to Afghanistan. We tried to do a video call but I could hear her but not see her. She could see me and not hear me. Frustrating!
But the cool thing was that we were having a conversation from opposite sides of the world. I miss her and I’ve been so curious about what her life is like. I now feel like I have a better idea of what she is dealing with there in the desert. I worry about her because danger is just around the corner and it bothers me that she will be there until the end of the summer next year. A lot can happen in all that time.
At least now I know I can get in touch with her when I want. I look forward to chatting with her again. One thing I did learn was that they are having a hard time getting videos and books to keep them occupied. I’ll definately be sending her a box of good things to read and watch. My tiny bit for the cause.

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