I Moved

I moved. Which never sounds easy, but my move was from Seoul, Korea to Annapolis, Maryland. Stress does not even begin to describe my world over the last few weeks.

Now, I’m working on establishing my new life in a new place. I go house hunting tomorrow.

The sooner I find a place and settle down, the sooner I can get started working on the edits for the book. My editor has suggested some very reasonable and doable changes and I can hardly wait to dig in and start working on them.

Actually, the fact that she read the manuscript, had suggestions for changes, is scheduling time to “work” on the pages, was a validation I never expected EVER in my lifetime to have. This is that huge NY city muckity, muck editor I talked about before. I feel like, even if she wants changes, I’ve finally been officially dubbed, a writer. I’ll be working with an editor! I’ll be working hand in hand with her to improve the manuscript. The good thing is, at this point, I have little, to no ego to be hurt by her suggestions or desires. I think this is going to be great.

But first, I have to find a place to live. At least my timing is right. It is a buyers market…

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