The coolest video

I love this video. I’ve been so wrapped up in the debates and the election coverage and the financial bailout and just the news in general. I’m not sure why. Maybe because it sort of feels like I’m watching a train wreck.

If the bail out bill didn’t pass … train wreck. The whole Palin/Biden debate … possible train wreck. If we elect the wrong guy … the one just like the one we have now … train wreck! I watch and read everything I can get my hands on because it’s exciting and interesting and dangerous and more than likely, will look away right before the crash if it were to happen. There’s no question though, that these are important times for the future of our country.
That’s why I think this video is so cool. Its all about the vote.

One thought on “The coolest video

  1. Check this video out. Its a doc that talks about our economy and how we got into this situation, and what we can do to have real social change. (Hint: its not voting for the “lesser” of two evils.)


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