Did He Know Then?

Who is this guy? It’s Donald Rumsfeld from his days at Princeton. Did he know then that he would be at the center of such a whirlwind of debate? Did he know then that he would be the longest running Defense Secretary or that so many people would be happy to see him leave?

They say he tried to resign twice before and the President refused to accept it. Instead, Rumsfeld is invited to leave directly after an election that already had this town reeling. You can’t buy a ticket to this kind of drama.

What will he do now? Retire to a life of fishing and golf? Or will he still be in the background giving “sage” advice like Jim Baker and the guy who is replacing him now…

If you didn’t cast a vote in this election you missed out on being a part of something really big, really world changing. It may feel like a normal day, like everything is the same as it was, but its not. We may not know just how profound the changes are yet. Rumsfeld leaving is just the first sign that something major has taken place here. But much more will change now. Hopefully, most of what changes will be for the better.

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