Vote to Write or Write to Vote

Did John Kerry insult American Soldiers?

The hullabaloo about insults to American soldiers has two sides that will never come to an agreement. You either think he intended to insult the intellectual ability of the American soldier, or you think the opposition is using his verbal gaff to make pathetic political points.

American soldiers are dying so that Iraqi and Afghani civilians can vote. The greatest insult to American soldiers would be if Americans take that right we have grown accustomed to for granted. If the right to cast a free and fare vote is worth dying for, then each and every one of us needs to exercise the vote that is inherent in being an American citizen.

If you don’t plan to vote on Tuesday, you’re a loser. If you plan to vote the wrong way, then
you’re a loser.
What’s the right way? Well…to put it simply, MY WAY.

But seriously, it would be great if you voted my way. But, no matter how you vote, just vote.

2 thoughts on “Vote to Write or Write to Vote

  1. Thanks for the spell check…Yes, I wish everyone would just keep their mouths shut and let them sleep with young boys, have sex with male prostitutes and generally reveal how f’d up they really are.


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